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Divorce, Child Custody, Paternity, Dependency, Adoptions

I represent men, women and children in a variety of family related matters. I am committed to protecting the rights of my clients through mediation, negotiation or in court. 

I offer representation in many areas, including:

  • Divorce (Uncontested and Contested)

  • Legal Separation 

  • Child Custody 

  • Divorce/Child Custody Modification 

  • Paternity 

  • Termination of Parental Rights 

  • Dependency 

  •  Adoptions


Contact me to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation, answer your questions and develop a strategic plan to assist you in achieving your desired goal.


DUI, Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, Theft, Domestic Abuse

You need a trusted, experienced criminal defense attorney on your side when your rights and freedom are at stake. I am a criminal defense attorney who understands and has tried cases on both sides of the courtroom. With twenty one years of experience as a prosecutor, I have the experience and knowledge to make sure that you are treated in accordance with the statutes and principles of justice. I will use my extensive experience to fight for you to reach the most
favorable outcome possible.


Wills, Deeds, Estate Planning, Power of Attorney

You need the peace of mind that comes when you have made a plan to protect the future of your estate, your business and your family security. I can provide guidance and assistance to create estate planning documents or to properly carry out probate responsibilities.


I offer a variety of services relating to probate law, including:

  • Will drafting

  • Estate Administration 

  • Power of Attorney (Durable) 

  • Power of Attorney (Health Care)


Contact me to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation, answer your questions and make estate related decisions in your and your family’s best interest.


Mediation is a process in which a neutral mediator facilitates settlement discussion between two individuals seeking a divorce in an attempt to reach an agreement. I am a trained, registered mediator who will use problem-solving techniques to assist divorcing-couples in creating an agreement that will fit their family best. Mediation may be voluntary or court-ordered.


There are several advantages to mediation in a divorce case, including:

  • Confidentiality 

  • Less expensive than litigation 

  • Agreement customized to family’s particular situation 

  • Non-adversarial 

  • Less time than litigation


If you are either searching for a mediator or court-ordered to mediate, contact me to schedule the date for mediation.

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